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The company was first founded under the name of DEN-ON Corporation on September 19, 1963. It was established with the purpose of research, development and design of sound systems for studios and music halls. After that, it became involved in the broader area of sound and music control boards and other similar systems.

In 1982, a significant portion of the company became involved in the soldering and de soldering industry and the company then changed its name to DEN-ON Instruments to more appropriately match the new direction of the company.

It was at this point that DIC Trading was established as a separate company to handle all the sales, promotion activities of the company, worldwide marketing, and service of all the products of DEN-ON Instruments.

  • Semi – Automated  Heater Z with  Safety Auto Head Slip Clutch
  • Placement Force Control
  • PC Controlled with Vision System
  • Tri Heating Hybrid System – Hot Gas and IR Area Array Heating w/Thermal Protector Cutoff Switch
  • Two Point Auto Profiling
  • Two Point Cooling Mode
  • Five Thermocouple Input for Real Time Profiling
  • Easy Setup of Profile for Engineering
  • Operator Friendly Interface
  • No Go –Go Profile Inspection Software
  • Rigid Manual XY Table
  • Independent Vacuum Tube Movement
  • Degree Theta Control for Part Alignment Correction
  • FOV Prismatic Viewing Optics Arm With Safety Auto Slip Clutch
  • Independent Lighting Control for PCB and Part Illumination
  • Placement Accuracy Capability  +- 0.025 mm
  • Solder Paste Masking File Storage
  • Password Protection Software One Level
  • Machine Initialization Software

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