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Matthew Associates is a diverse company dedicated to serving the needs of our customers and principals with timely manufacturing and test solutions. Our company’s philosophy is to provide the necessary resources required to market state of the art equipment, in order to maintain our reputation as one of the leaders in full line implementation and processes.

The main reason for our success in the industry is the relationships we have built between our customers and our principals. We have been serving all aspects of the electronics environment for more than 30 years in the New England area. We will continue to strive to exceed both our customers’ and principals’ expectations in the future growth of our company.

We represent Aegis, Aqua Klean Systems, Aqueous Technologies, ECD, Heller Industries, Kyzen, Mycronic, Pillarhouse, Simplimatic, Speedprint Technology, VI Technology, Den-on Instruments, Xdry, and Takaya.

Meet Our Principals