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Now you can take a customer’s order in the morning and deliver finished boards in the afternoon.
Forget waiting for stencils. With jet printing, it’s now possible to prepare jobs in minutes instead of days. If you do 2-3 setups a day, using more than 50 stencils a year, you’ll quickly understand the benefits. If you also have customers calling for last-minute changes, you’ll understand even better.Completely software driven, a jet printer can easily apply solder paste or SMA onto complex and challenging boards with high precision. You can achieve perfect results for QFNs, pin-in-paste, package-on-package and other new applications – such as jetting into a board cavity. No more trade-offs due to stencil limitations. With jet printing, you never have to compromise on solder joint quality.Now in use in more than 25 countries worldwide, the MY500 Jet Printer is sparking a movement for change in the electronics industry.

SMD Tower – Key benefits

  • Short access time
  • Eliminates risk for mix-ups
  • Controlled atmosphere
  • Compact design

Quick and convenient set-ups without error
The SMD Tower is an automated, highly flexible and expandable buffer storage unit designed for near-production deployment. In the SMD Tower the correct component is in the right place and in a controlled atmosphere, ready for a quick and smooth changeover of your SMT line.

No more mix-ups
Regardless of whether you request a single reel or tray, or automatically process a complete kitting list, the system records every movement and keeps track of all stored reels and component quantities. A unique identification code ensures that the correct article is always provided or stored, making mix-ups impossible. Return-to-storage is just as quick and convenient.

Compact near-production storage
The SMD Tower closes a gap in flexible SMD manufacturing, where up until now reels have had to be hunted for, one at a time, from space consuming and inflexible storage systems. The SMD Tower needs just one square meter of floor space to store up to 546 reels and can be integrated into existing material handling systems.

Introducing the MY100e series.
 Faster. Smarter. More agile.
The old days of predictable orders and uniform batch sizes are over. To succeed today you need to manage last-minute customer demands and disruptive peaks in production. In this environment, new opportunities depend on a solution that’s not just faster, but more agile. One that uses smarter material handling and information management to make you more responsive and get more jobs done, day after day.

With the MY100e series pick-and-place machines, there’s no need to make the usual trade-offs between speed and flexibility. With the fastest changeovers in the industry and workcell solutions reaching speeds of up to 180,000 cph, you can have both. All in one complete solution, with one integrated set of data and one tracking system for all components. Because the race to get ahead is no longer about machine cycle time. It’s about responding to your customers’ needs with the fastest, most agile solution on the market. Period.

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