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Kyzen Corporation was founded in 1990. Kyzen was among the first to invent novel and environmentally friendly cleaning technologies to replace CFC’s and other ozone depleting chemicals. These cleaning technologies are derived from renewable resources and offer an innovative and environmentally friendly cleaning solution to the Electronics, Semiconductor, Optics and Metal Finishing markets.

Global Solutions

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Kyzen also has manufacturing, applications, analytical and engineering support in Penang, Malaysia and Maldegem, Belgium as well as an exclusive Engineering Center located in Manchester, New Hampshire. Our global team includes an extensive network throughout Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia, India, Middle East, and Africa that has proven invaluable to our customer base.

Global Conservation

Kyzen has been dedicated to the environment from our first day of operations. We continue to strongly consider both our global environment but also our users environment to maximize the opportunity to conserve global resources and protect the local environment where our customers operate.


Kyzen is recognized around the world for its exceptional customer service and commitment to excellence. With more than 30 years experience in the industry, the Kyzen Team is trained and ready to assist with every step of installing, commissioning, and operating your cleaning process. From equipment installation and start-up, through chemical management all the way to system trouble shooting. Kyzen will be there for you everyday!

Application Solutions

Kyzen’s Application Laboratories are fully equipped with state of the art commercial cleaning equipment. This allows Kyzen’s expert technical staff to accurately simulate any cleaning process saving you valuable time during process development.
Kyzen’s award winning application laboratories enable them to provide their customers with a “risk-free” environment to thoroughly evaluate a broad range of processes solutions.

Engineering Solutions

Beyond our laboratories we have a team of dedicated engineers and engineering solutions to monitor your cleaning operations. Ensuring the maximum efficiency for your processes.

Analytical Solutions

Analytical Services: Kyzen’s well appointed analytical laboratories are used for product development, process development, quality control and customer trouble-shooting.
Product Development: The industry’s leading team of chemists and formulators are continuously improving and developing innovative and novel cleaning solutions.

Award Winning Products & Services

Kyzen’s commitment to continuous improvement has been honored with many prestigious industry awards in numerous categories; New Product Innovation, Environmental, Customer Service and Best Cost of Ownership.

Meet Our Principals