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The CIMTRAK® Advantage

Servo-controlled motion control: Closed-loop electronic feedback is standard on all major motion control systems on the CIMTRAK® line. This eliminates positioning and speed control problems inherent to DC and pneumatic motion control.

Conveyor Belt Construction: 
Simplimatic pioneered the use of non-spliced, fiberglass-reinforced power transmission belts for PCB edge belt conveyors. Superior strength and wear characteristics when compared to laminated tape belts. Only five belt sizes required for the entire CIMTRAK® product line.

Design Excellence

  • Simplimatic has been in the conveyor business long enough t0 know what works and what does not.
  • We also take great care to reduce hazards by minimizing sharp corners, using safety guards, and positive-guided EMO system, as shown on our Shuttle Gate.
  • And for ease of maintenance, nothing beats a well labeled electrical panel on drawer slides, shown here on our Servo Side Shuttle.
  • Simplimatic was the first conveyor company to deliver a complete line of dual lane conveyor equipment.

Meet Our Principals