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Since 1982 IIT has been at the forefront of the technologies which have shaped the development of the printed circuit industry. The tradition of innovation and quality forged in those early years continues today. IIT provides customers not only with the finest quality stencils available but IIT customers also get the benefit of decades of problem solving experience. IIT is not just your stencil vendor, we are your partner in success.

Dedicated to using a precise, innovative approach to manufacturing the custom tools needed to fulfill the critical needs of Original Equipment and Contract manufacturers. We supply superior products, technical consultation, and outstanding customer services, which increase our customer’s manufacturing efficiency. This is accomplished in an atmosphere which encourages new ideas, respects initiative, demands integrity, and rewards results.

Fixed Frame Stencils

Traditional fixed frame stencils are an IIT specialty. IIT’s standard fixed frame stencils are anything but standard. These permanently bonded stencils utilize an exclusive border treatment that combined with our epoxy process, creates a bond that will not fail, never leaving you, or your plate, hanging. IIT stocks all rigid sizes and has a complete frame fabrication capability so you are never left waiting.


IIT’s ProFrame®II is a rigid frame designed to hold interchangeable stencils. Once you are operating with ProFrame®II, your subsequent stencil orders will be filled with ProPlate®II stencils. Since they are shipped without a frame, ProPlate®II stencils are less expensive to produce, ship, and store. Even if your stencil requirements are modes, you could save thousands of dollars each year with the ProFrame®II and ProPlate®II stencils.