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TAKAYA flying probe test system was invented to meet their internal needs in 1984. Therefore, in 1986, TAKAYA partnered with Itochu Corp. The Itochu Corporation is TEXMAC’s parent company. Furthermore, to share this technology with electronics manufacturers. Consequently, an easy-to-use, Ultra High Speed, High-Precision fixtureless circuit board tester. Since that time, TAKAYA has gained a reputation for excellence. Therefore, established itself as the standard used by the major Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). For example, medical, military, and aerospace companies continue to manufacture their printed circuit boards in-house.

Since that time, TAKAYA is a leader in the field of flying probe technology. The research and developmental scope concentrate on the fast launch of product innovations. Therefore, allowing you to react immediately to the rapidly changing technical requirements. Thereupon, meeting the needs of your customers. In conclusion, combining the knowledge and decades of experience in the areas of probe actuation, positioning, and measurement technology. TAKAYA is set apart by outstanding test coverage. For instance, many optical tests supplement the test result.

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